Student Work Ideas & Displays

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Back to School hallway display 14-15
The "ocean" is twisted blue streamer and the fish have student names on them.
"Look who's new in our school."

 December 2012 Photos
 Mom's Gingerbread Glyphs

 Christmas Wishes

Gingerbread Glyph

November 2012 Photos

October 2012 Photos
The Biggest Pumpkin Ever Writing

Pumpkin Glyph

September 2012 Photos
Apple Tasting Party Class Graph
Pet Show Display

2012-2013 Classroom Photos
 Word Wall (Popcorn words)
 Back to School Board, put student names on ocean animal shapes.
 Birthday Display

 Student Work Display

Reference Board





Schedule and Class News

Here are some pictures of displays in the room and the hallway - 2011-2012

 Writing Board-Each student has a space to display their work. It is two 4 foot boards placed side by side to make one big board and covered with fabric.

 Board from 2 years ago-used insulation board and hot glued to the wall. Used it to display "beary" good writing and "Kinder News" - schedule, newsletter, snack and homework calendars.

 Patterning Links Hallway Display

Hallway Display-Sorting
Patterning Hallway Display (mom)

Here is an apple graph-the students do an Apple Tasting Party and we graph their favorite apple food. See photo below for a picture of the graph.
Ball Sorting Display

 Ocean Hallway Display for Arts in the School Night

Alphabet- used insulation board covered with fabric to cover the area above the dry erase boards.

This is what my students see when they are at small groups. I take the Little People toys (they used to be my daughters' toys)  down during playtime because they like to touch them and some of them make noise.
Monster Glyphs
Penguin Project
Mitten Glyph

Good Work Board
Back to School Board
Board about Families
Chicka-Chicka Boom Boom Display. We also make a big palm tree and use styrofoam balls painted brown and cut in half as the coconuts.

Apple Glyphs
Completed Apple Tasting Party graph
We do this with pumpkins also!
Display for the book, The Big Read Barn
  Mom's honeycomb turkey. The students decorate the feathers as a Family Project. I think she makes a snowman this way, too. He is bigger than he looks in this picture.

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