Special Days and Holiday Celebrations

Back to School Night 2012-2013
Wish List 
 Treat Bags
 Wish List
 Treat Bags

Back to School Night 2011-2012
 Back to School Night-Families visit our classroom and met me before the first day of school.
These were the treat bags we handed out to our new students.
 For more ideas, see my post here.

Field Trips
 The students wear these shirts for field trips. They do not keep these shirts. We had them made 2 years ago and we use them every year for field trips. We wash them before and after the event. The students just put them on over their shirts. It makes it easy to see where your students are. Mom has red shirt and my class wears the yellow ones.

 Mom's honeycomb turkey. The students decorate the feathers as a Family Project. I think she makes a snowman this way, too. He is bigger than he looks in this picture.

Holiday Party
Holiday Party-we made Gingerbread Houses from Oriental Trading and decorated cookies! Lots of parents at the party to help with these projects! We also play a bingo game from here. I use my document camera to show to pictures and they find them on their cards. You could use holiday candy as cover-up, but we used unifix cubes.

100th  Day of School Celebration
100th Day of School-they come in under the car wash banner that is hanging in the doorway. I take a picture of them wearing a headband and holding a certificate in front of it. We do lots of 100 day stuff and eat 100 cookies....not really!

Valentine's Day Party
 We make "Sweetheart Sundaes."
 They make an art project (Oriental Trading).
 We did a Valentine Math Activity with candy hearts. We also make a Memory Book with our Valentines earlier in the day so that we can share it with the parents at the party. We do this prior to the party, because our room is small and with all the extra adults in the room during the party, the students would have trouble passing their valentines out. We also play a Bingo game at the party from here. You could use candy hearts as cover-ups, but we used unifix cubes.

St. Patrick's Day
St. Patrick's Day craft from Oriental Trading. Fast and Easy to do! We build a class trap with our blocks to "trap" the leprechaun. He leaves them "gold" ( candy wrapped in gold paper). I have also painted small green footprints all over the floor and moved desks over, thrown books on the floor so it looks like a leprechaun has visited and he left us gold candy.

End of Year "Kindergarten Celebration"
Not too fancy-what can I say it's the end of the year! We have a Kindergarten Celebration at the end of the school year. The students sang a song and I passed out certificates. I have done ice cream and a large sheet cake, but decided to keep it simple and do cookie trays this year.

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