Saturday, December 2, 2017


Thankful Thoughts pattern by AnnaLee Waite, Just CrossStitch Magazine, December 2017
My first project since 1997

I am very thankful to be a teacher and I have always been and always will be very dedicated, but teaching can be an all consuming profession. It can consume large amounts of your time and money.
This year, after twenty plus years of teaching, I am trying to learn how to balance work and play. I am learning this from my young teaching partner and colleagues. They are dedicated, dynamic, amazing teachers, always prepared and always give their all when teaching, and they still manage to take the time to shop or have coffee with friends, go to see performances, and travel. I am learning how important it is to relish the seasons and take time to do things just

I am setting down my purple pens and resource books and picking up a thread and needle. Instead of watching teaching videos on the Teaching Channel, I watch my favorite stitching friends, Priscilla and Chelsea, on youtube. Instead of spending my waking moments walking down the school hallways, I am strolling through Hobby Lobby and antique shops. I think, in a way, these precious moments I spend having fun are rejuvenating me and my passion for teaching. These bursts of creative pursuits are inspiring me, not only at home, but also in my classroom as I make charts, write lesson plans, and make materials for my students.

So, let this be a lesson to teachers just beginning your career. Take a little time for yourself to have fun-visit with friends, participate in a group, or work on a hobby and do not feel guilty. You will never regret taking time for fun, I promise.

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