Saturday, October 28, 2017

Fourth Grade Math Centers

My students are assigned a math center to complete after they finish the independent practice for the daily lesson. At the beginning of each month I organize 20 centers in these trays. The centers are sets of task cards for the standards/skills/strategies that were taught the previous month or months. These centers provide a spiral review in hopes the students will remember how to solve the problems and not forget them throughout the school year. 

Every day the students get a different tray and by the end of the month they will have completed most of them. I do have 23 students and some have to share the center. Instead of printing the recording sheets, they use a piece of notebook paper. The answer key is folded and clipped with a clothespin. The students use the answer key to check their work before turning it into the basket. This provides them with immediate feedback.
This particular center is a center from third grade. I used this same set-up last year and the trays had not only a set of math task cards, but also a set of language task cards that they completed during the reading block. Because I teach mathematics and science and not reading, I only have to create centers for math this year.
After they complete the "task card" center, they use the laptops to work on math skills at Moby Max, Front Row Ed, and Zearn. As the students work on independent practice and centers, I work with students in small groups. I meet with 2 groups, an extra practice group (for that day's lesson) and a reteaching group (for a standard/strategy that has been previously taught).
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