Sunday, September 4, 2016

Math Facts Fluency

Math Facts are important for students to know fluently. The automatic recall helps students solve complex problems easily instead of using all their mental power to solve each problem by drawing pictures, arrays, equal groups, etc. You know, students who tediously draw arrays for 4 x 5 and you want to whisper "It's 20."

I have created a packet that has everything you need to help students solve math facts fluently, for addition to 20, subtraction to 20, multiplication to 10, and division to 10 and it does not involve the use of flashcards! I plan to use this for my third grade Math RTI,  but it could be used for math small groups or as enrichment for K-2 small groups.

All games are printed with only black ink and all printables can be printed and placed in plastic sleeves so you will NEVER need to stand in line at the copier to make any additional copies for a small group of students!

Let's begin with the presentation. I made a binder cover to use as a Math RTI for all four operations, but I also made individual binder covers for each operation. I anticipate that each operation will need a separate binder as I collect activities to use. 

A simple, editable lesson plan sheet is included. I check the activities planned for each day.

Each activity in the packet has an activity sheet "How to make" and "How to use with students."

This Bingo Game is designed so you will never have to print anything after making the cards and game boards. They place the board in a plastic sleeve and you tell them what numbers to randomly write in the spaces using a dry erase marker.
Memory Games are so engaging and once you print and laminate the cards, all you will need to do is grab and go!

Using the same cards from the Memory Game, the students sort the equations by difference, sum, or quotient.

Cover, Copy, Compare is an activity we will use every day. I made this version so I would not need to make any copies. They will slip the grid in a plastic sleeve and I will write the facts on a folded piece of paper.

I hope you take a look at my Fact Fluency Kit at TpT. You can find it here!

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