Saturday, October 10, 2015

Mathematics Centers-Fractions

I survived my first nine weeks of third grade. It has been the best quarter of school I have ever had in my career. No joke, third grade is the best, if given the chance you should give it a try. The curriculum is so interesting, they can do so much, and I come to school every day excited about my teaching my lessons. 

We just finished up a unit on fractions and all of the math centers were hands-on using manipulatives. I have never seen students so eager to get through the whole group lesson so they could work at the centers. For the most part, my math centers have been used as a spiral review of the math skills taught this year. I use task cards with a recording sheet for the students to complete. I decided to switch it up this week and use some of my familiar tools from kindergarten. 

Linking chains in bathroom cups
Students took the chains out and wrote the fractions for each color.

Unifix Cubes
Students wrote the fractions for each color in the stick.

Teddy Bear Counters
Students made a set of bears and wrote the fractions for each color.

Domino Fractions
Students counted the total number of dots and then recorded the 2 fractions (top, bottom) for the set of dots.
Set of counters in a cup
Students emptied the cup and wrote fractions for each color of counters in the set.

Honestly, these were the easiest centers I have created so far this school year. I did not need to print (or laminate) anything except the notes on the boards and the recording sheets. 

I organize my literacy centers this same way and I will post those tomorrow.

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