Friday, October 16, 2015

I'm Done Boxes

I don't have a lot of pet peeves, I am a pretty chill person, but these two words really get to me - "I'm done", which is usually followed by the equally dreadful "What can I do now?".  Do they know how long it takes to plan for lessons and they finish it early-What?

Just kidding....I am secretly proud they are finished. If their work is correct, it shows that they understood the concept and were eager to demonstrate that. Not surprisingly, I was always that "fast finisher." I always had to "go back and make sure the answers are correct" or "slow down and write neater, so just redo it." I hope that the I'm Done boxes will help to provide my students with extra practice or enrichment activities so they are actively learning the entire day. Well, that's the plan, anyway.

This is what they look like:
 These will be located on the top of a short bookcase with the signs hanging above them.

Students can choose which activity they would like to do.
Some of the work is in a folder and
each student has a individual file folder inside the hanging file.
For the reading and writing folders, this is what is inside.
 The students cut a prompt from the set that is stapled to the folder and glue it in the journal (20 sheets of copy paper stapled together with a cover)  and write at least 4-5 sentences. There is also a Reading Log stapled to the folder for students to respond to a book or article they read in print or online. You can find the reading log here.
I will be able to add extra practice worksheets in individual student folders if there is a particular skill that student needs to practice. Because the folders are in hanging files, it makes it easier to place the sheets in the folders of selected students.

For Mathematics, the folder looks like this:
The folders have sets of word problems that are stapled to the folder inside. They will cut the word problem from the list and glue it into the math journal (20 sheets of copy paper stapled together with a cover) to solve. For those students that need more challenging work, I include challenge work (Sunshine Math) and some cloze word problems from a Scholastic book. Other students may find extra practice sheets for skills they need to work on. Again, it is super easy to place extra practice work in the folders because they are in the hanging files.

I reduced the writing prompts and the word problem task cards and labeled them with Set 1, Set 2 etc. I did the initial set-up by stapling the first sets in the folders. When the student completes the set, they will be responsible for replacing the prompts with the next set.

The writing prompts came from Teach-a-Roo and are called Class Writing Journals.
The math word problems came from the TpT store of Vickie Fanning and are called Word Problem Task Cards: 3rd Grade  **All Standards**.
Before I printed the word problem sets, I added a label inside each card to remind students to show the work and explain their thinking.

The extra sets will be located on a shelf in a shoe box under the I'm Done boxes.
The I'm Done boxes would also be great to use if you need to be absent and may not have special sub work ready or if you forgot to copy seatwork for the day (not me, never-see previous post).

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