Monday, August 10, 2015

First Day Activities

When I think of the first day of school, two things come to mind - overplan and know how they get home!
Here are some of the charts I will complete with the students this short week.
We will discuss how to be a good citizen and a good friend in the classroom.

We will discuss what a good listener looks/acts like and does not look/act like.
We will discuss what their jobs are at school and what my job is at school.

The students will write their responses on post-it notes and add them under the correct heading.

I am using this editable powerpoint from Natalie Kay's TpT store.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

My Owl-Themed Classroom- Part II

This is the view when you walk through the door.

Gathering/Teaching Area and Reading Center

Flat File beside door

Student Mailboxes, Word Work Center, and Small Group Area
Word Work Center
The drawers will be labeled with the choices for this center.

Helpers - I purchased the large pocket card holders about 8 years ago, the helper cards are from 3rd Grade Thought's TpT store and the circles on the sticks are from Kinder Kreations TpT store.
Literacy Centers - the pocket charts are from Target and I made the center cards.
Rules - The owl themed rule cards are from Tweet Resources TpT store.
O.W.L. binders are in the student mailboxes and ready to go!

The chairs are from Sam's Club.

Small Group Materials

The back of the room - writing center and the computers.
Cursive Alphabet from Ladybugs Teacher Files.

Focus Wall (from Leslie's Locker TpT store) and Writing Center

These charts will be used the first day/week of school. I had a hard time figuring out how to hang them on the dry erase board. It is magnetic so I used small magnetic clips and the charts kept sliding down. Then, I hot glued stronger magnets to the clips, nope, that did not work either.
Finally, I used t-pins and the strip (see below) to hang them with skirt clips, which were purchased my first year of teaching 22 years ago to display class books by hanging them from the chalkboard ledge.

Here are the cubbies and a lot of my teaching materials. 
It is easier for me to access materials when they are in plain sight.
My mother made the curtains using the same fabric that is on my bulletin boards.
The math labels are from Amy Groesbeck's TpT store.

The supply bin labels are from Ladybugs Teacher Files and I made the cubby number labels.

Daily Work Drawers-Learning in Wonderland's TpT store
I hope you enjoyed seeing inside my third grade owl-themed classroom.
In case you missed Part I, it is posted below.
Have a great school year!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

My Owl-Themed Classroom-Part I

It's taken two weeks and I still need to hang the curtains (my mom is sewing them-I had a problem with the curtains I purchased) and I need to label the math manipulatives, so I am just showing a section of my room.
Here is the view of the front of the classroom.

Calendar, birthdays and grading scale.
The Making the Grade topper (free) is from Ladybugs Teacher Files blog.
I think I have purchased everything in her TpT store!
The fabric is from Hobby Lobby. It is brown with colorful circles.

I write the daily clear targets for each subject on the small dry erase boards.
I like that they are portable and can be moved to the teacher stations when needed.
The circle subject headings are from Ladybugs Teacher Files TpT store.
Reading Center
The Books are leveled by AR grade level ranges. 
The circle tags are from Ladybugs Teacher Files TpT store.

Student Book Boxes
The boxes were purchased from Really Good Stuff.
Hallway Passes
I purchased these from the TpT store of teaching with peace.

Our classes rotate through PE, Art, Music, Library and Guidance.
I use these cards to remember our special for the day. 

I just had to have these for my clock.
They are from Pink Cat Studio's TpT store.

Please visit to see Part II tomorrow!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

My Tree with Owls

You need a tree if you have an owl-themed classroom....right?
The owls will have my students' names on them. I use clear labels to print and then stick!
I will add 12 X 12 cardstock and clothespins to display student work on either side of the tree.
That's my owl-I'm in the nest!
I used a brown tissue paper puff ball to make the nest.

This banner will have my name on it.
All of these owl items are from Carson-Dellosa bulletin board kits.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Treat Bags

Happy Back to School!
 I am so excited for this school year! My classroom is almost completely decorated and organized, my third grade team works together to write lesson plans and find resources/materials and they are ready for the first week, and next week I will meet my third graders at Back to School night.

The students will each get a treat bag with candy at the Back to School night. This year I kept it simple and just made a "Welcome to Third Grade" topper instead of something thematic to match the treat. If you need editable treat bag toppers, I have them here at my TpT store.

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