Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Lesson Plans-May 4-21

I have some big news to share-I will be teaching 3rd Grade next year! I am very excited about the move and have already started pinning ideas and searching for materials on TpT. I don't plan to write any new blog posts for this blog, but I am considering a new blog about my first year in 3rd grade...so stay tuned.
If you need me for anything, just email me or ask a question at TpT. 

 Here are my plans to finish out this school year!

May 4-8
 We will be reading Baby Brains and Look at Us from Journeys Lesson 29.
The unit can be found here.
Literacy Centers

We will study the long o sound.

For Mathematics we will continue to work on recalling facts to 5 fluently.

Lesson Plans for May 11-15
During our last week we will read the books from Journeys Lesson 30.
We will read the books Pet Show and Miss Bindergarten Celebrates the Last Day of Kindergarten.
The unit can be found here.

Literacy centers

We will study the long u sound.

In Mathematics, we will continue to work on adding and subtracting facts to 5 fluently.

May 18-21
 We will read some end of the (kindergarten) year books and complete the memory book which is pictured above.
 The memory book can be found here. I had to cover the bottom with labels before I printed it. I did not make a new cover for this school year.
 The students will share it with their parents during the Kindergarten Reception after the Kindergarten Celebration.

In Math we will play Racing Bears (Investigations), Double Compare (Investigations) and Number Bingo.

During the Kindergarten Celebration I will pass these out to every student. After all awards have been passed out the parents are invited to stay for a reception. We will celebrate with cookies and punch!

I have enjoyed teaching kindergarten these past six years and I hope all the posts I have written might help you as you plan your lessons and get your classroom ready for the next school year.
Have a great summer!

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  1. Congratulations on your promotion to 3rd grade! I hear it is a wonderful grade to teach! :0)


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