Monday, January 19, 2015

Lesson Plans Jan. 20-23

This week we will read the books Mr. Blueberry and What Is Science? from the Journeys Reading Series 4.16. The unit can be found here.
Whole Group Reading- Writing in response to a text

Literacy Centers

Phonics- Short e (-et and -en word families)

We will spend one more day on measurement and then begin studying more and less with sets. 
Two activities I have planned are for students to get a bowl of teddy bear counters and sort them. They will record by drawing a picture of their sort and circle the group that has more. Another activity is a mystery bag. They will choose a bag and sort the math tool. They will record by drawing pictures and then circle the group with less. Next week we will focus on more and less with numerals.

Mom had a great idea for a measurement activity. Instead of putting tape on the table for pairs of students to measure, she drew lines on chart paper. She can keep this from year to year (and was able to share it with me!).

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