Thursday, November 13, 2014

Lesson Plans- Nov. 17-21

This week we are reading the books Home for a Tiger, Home for a Bear and Turtle Splash from Journeys 3.14. We will also read a favorite story, Armadillo's Orange, and discuss animal homes.
The units can be found here and here.
Reading Lessons

Literacy Centers

Phonics- Qq and Uu

Writing Workshop-Animal Homes

Predictable Chart- A ___ lives in a ____.

Mathematics- Addition and Subtraction to 5


  1. Do you skip around in Journeys? My story was "Snow" this week and I wanted to wait until January to do it! Thanks!

  2. Yes, we decided to move some of the stories around. I know one of the stories this week was Jump into January and we moved it to January and moved these stories to this week. We did this for about 3 of the stories. I think another one we moved was the butterfly stories to April/May.


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