Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Lesson Plans Oct. 6-10

We will be reading books about the 5 Senses this week. Our books for Journeys Unit 2.6 include Listen, Listen and My Five Senses. You can find the response sheets and Literacy Centers here.
We will be making a Five Senses book which you can find here (free).
Monday-Read Listen, Listen & write about the sounds you can hear in each season. (events/key details)
Tuesday-Read My Five Senses & write about how the child used each of his senses. (key details)
Wednesday-Read Seeing and Tasting & write about things we like to see and taste in the My 5 Senses Book. (opinion)
Thursday-Read Hearing and Smelling & write about things we like to hear and smell in the My 5 Senses Book. (opinion)
Friday-Read Touching & write about textures we like to touch in the My 5 Senses Book, students will share the book with partner. (opinion)
Sorting Activity-5 Senses

Literacy Centers
Octopus-Stamping popcorn words & games
Jellyfish-Alphabet letter match or beginning sounds game & write the room/classroom library
Crab-Color word cloze sentences & free choice writing
Turtle-Cut and paste sound sort for Jj and Rr & painting or magnets
Fish-Cut and Paste popcorn words or write the words 3xs each & playdough mats
Phonics- Letters Jj and Rr

Predictable Chart-It is a

Writing Workshop-Yellow
The unit is here.
The books are here.

Mathematics-Addition Facts to 5
Monday-Read Five Silly Fishermen & act out the story, then use story mats to solve problems 
Tuesday-Re-read Five Silly Fishermen & story mat problems and math task
Wednesday-Make 5 on the Five Frame (
 The 5 frames and recording sheets are from Sara Liebel's Tpt store (free).
Thursday-Bean Toss Game for 5 - recording sheets here
Friday- Unifix Cube Trains for 5- recording sheets here


  1. Hi, Does Journeys provide you with the individual 5 senses books you are using W, TH, and F? If not, where did you get them? Thanks


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