Thursday, October 9, 2014

Lesson Plans Oct. 20-24

Fall Break is next week! These are my plans for the week we go back to school. The stories, Amelia's Show and Tell Fiesta & Mice Squeak, We Speak are from Journeys 2.7. The literacy unit is here.

Tuesday- Read Amelia's Show and Tell & complete the story map (recall characters. setting and events).
Wednesday-Read Show and Tell & write about what they would bring for Show and Tell.
Thursday-Read Mice Squeak, We Speak & write about the animals that were featured in the book (recall key details).
Friday-Use to learn about mice & complete the tree map during Reading. TSW use the tree map to write facts during Writing Workshop (key details).

Literacy Centers
Octopus-Stamp Popcorn words & games
Jellyfish-Some students will match uppercase and lowercase letters and some will write the beginning letters for the pictures & write the room/classroom library
Crab-Writing color words & writing simple sentences with word cards
Turtle-Cut and Paste picture sound sort for Oo and Kk & painting or magnets
Fish-Writing popcorn words & playdough mats

Phonics-Letters Oo and Kk

Predictable Chart-Do you see

Writing Workshop-Green
The students will do this independently this week!
The unit is here.
The books are here.

Mathematics-Addition to 5
Tuesday- Trick or Treat Problem Solving stories & TSW use a large story mat to solve/act out problems.
Wednesday-Students will use individual story mats to solve problems.
Thursday-Bookcase lesson
Friday-Hidden Partners Game from Engageny.
(Google the game and you will be able to download it.)

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