Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Lesson Plans Sept. 29-Oct. 3

This week we are reading books from Journeys 1.5. The books, The Handiest Things in the World and The Little Red Hen, have a theme about helping. I will also be reading The Big Red Barn and Pumpkin, Pumpkin to get ready for our field trip to the farm! The Helping Unit can be found here.

Whole Group Reading
Monday-Read The Handiest Things in the World & TSW complete web by drawing/writing about key details from the text.
Tuesday-Read The Little Red Hen & TSW complete the story map (character, setting, events).
Wednesday- Read The Big Red Barn & TSW write about their favorite farm animal (opinion).
Thursday- Read Pumpkin, Pumpkin & TSW label a pumpkin.

Literacy Centers
Octopus-Stamping popcorn words & choice of games
Jellyfish- Some students will match alphabet letters and record & other students will write the letter for the beginning sound of the picture. The writing on the card provides some scaffolding for the students. Choices-Write the Room and Classroom Library
Turtle-Cut and paste picture sound match. Some students will begin to write the word beside the picture. Choices-Watercolor and Q-tip painting here.
Crab-Color Word Sentence Cloze Writing. This really helps them to read the color words which are some of our popcorn words. Choice-Free Choice Writing
Fish-Some students will spell this week's popcorn words (cut and paste) and other students will write all popcorn words 3Xs each. Choice-Playdough and mats

Predictable Chart-What we will see at the farm

Writing Workshop-Blue
The Writing Process Unit is here.
The books are here.

Letters Bb and Ll

We are continuing to work on sorting and deciding which group has more or less.
Monday-Read 3 Little Firefighters & TSW sort shapes by size with a partner and record.
Tuesday- TSW sort pom-pom craft balls 2 ways (size and color) and record.
Wednesday- Read The Button Box & TSW sort buttons and record to describe how they were sorted.
Thursday- Read Sorting & TSW sort a cup full of manipulatives and record to describe how they chose to sort them.
The Math Tasks and Sorting Mats can be found here.
The Unit Lesson Plans can be found here. (free)

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