Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Lesson Plans Sept. 15-19

This is one of my favorite weeks to teach - Pets! We will read Please, Puppy, Please and I Have a Pet  from Journeys 1.3. I will also be reading another favorite book, Julius.
The unit can be found here.
 Monday-I Have a Pet and the assignment is a web about the pets featured in the book.
Tuesday-Please, Puppy, Please and the assignment is a story map.
Wednesday-Please, Puppy, Please and the assignment is to draw/write about a pet for the class pet show.
Thursday-Julius and the assignment is a story map.
Friday-Julius and the assignment is to label a picture of a pig.

I will use these charts this week:

Close Reading Passages and Picture Cards to help with writing

Literacy Centers
Crab Center-Color Word Sentences
Octopus Center-Stamping Popcorn Words
Jellyfish Center-Matching Uppercase and Lowercase Letters
Turtle Center-Cut and Paste Picture Sound Sort for  Nn & Ii
Fish Center-Cut and Paste Popcorn Words

 We are studying the letters Nn & Ii.

I have a little....Predictable Chart
The student strips can be found here.

We are learning to write the numerals 6-10.

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