Thursday, September 4, 2014

Teacher Tip

One morning, after searching through all my reading materials, I could not find the book I needed to read for Whole Group Reading. I borrowed my mother's copy of the book and was very surprised when I began reading it to my students. She had placed post-it notes on the pages in the book with questions written on them that she copied from the basal Teacher's Edition.
I thought this was super idea because balancing the Teacher's Edition on my knees or finding a spot on my teacher cart to place it so I could read from it and then trying to read a book to my students was very difficult to do. 

 Here are the things I needed to write the questions for the book we are reading next week. I used my Teacher's Edition (which had great questions), my Depth of Knowledge questioning prompts and Bloom's Taxonomy verbs, post-it notes, a pen and the big book.

For each page in the book, I wrote the questions from the Teacher's Edition and added some additional higher-order questions where they applied. Then I stuck the post-it on each page. During the lesson, I will read each page and then ask the questions.

For big books, I placed the post-it directly on the page and for smaller books I placed them upside down and at the top.

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