Friday, September 26, 2014

Apple Day Fun!

Our Apple Day was so fun! 

We did this activity earlier in the week. Mom invited my class to join her students and we tasted three different colors/kinds of apples with her students. The students voted for their favorite color of apple.

Today we read books about Johnny Appleseed, books that explained how apples grow, and books about the parts of an apple. The students put together an apple "craftivity" and labeled the parts of an apple, they made a belt using the apple life cycle sequencing pictures, and they used an apple from home to do some measuring and counting activities.

We had an "Apple Tasting" Party and the students ate Apple Jacks cereal, apple slices, applesauce and drank apple juice. We went into the hallway and they selected their favorite food and we recorded the data.

The Apple Jacks cereal was the favorite food!

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