Sunday, August 31, 2014

Rewards Catalog

Every school year as I stock up on purple ink pens, cardstock, laminating film, blue painter's tape, and sheet protectors (and other back to school essentials), I always wander over to the party favors and other areas located inside the stores that are stocked with inexpensive toys. Ah, the treasure chest. It is something I debate every school year. Should I really spend all that money on these "trinkets" that students will choose, enjoy for a moment and then probably discard a few days later? Will I feel guilty if I don't reward a student for having a good week? If I ask for parent donations, will it be something that can be done all school year? I decided that treasure box is just something I can not pay for anymore. Instead, I am using a Rewards Catalog which allows the students to choose a special reward after not losing a star for 5 days. If you are interested in the Rewards Catalog it can be found here (free).

Students get to "shop" by looking through a "catalog" and choose what they would like to do as a reward. Sit beside a friend for the day, wear slippers in the classroom, or bring a stuffed animal to sit in their table area are just a few of the choices.

I organized the pages in plastic sheet protectors and placed those in a binder. I reduced the black and white pages so that I had 4 to a page and then cut them apart. They are slipped in the plastic sheet protector behind the pages. Once the student "shops" and chooses the reward, I take out the smaller copied version and send it home with the students. I asked them to try and bring the little "coupon" back to school when they want to do the activity they chose, but I also keep a list of their choices.

If you have any other reward ideas, please write them in the comments section or email me and I will include it and update the catalog!

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  1. Hi, Another idea is to let the student sit at the teacher's desk/table and sit in the teacher's chair for the morning/afternoon or the day.


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