Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Predictable Charts

This year I have planned my Predictable Charts to include the weekly popcorn words. Last week our words were I, am, and a. Our predictable chart was "I am (student name)."

There are a couple of ways to write the predictable chart. The purpose is to write with and for the students - for them to see you write, for you to model it. The charts also provide predictable text which is easy to read and the student responses make it relevant and personal (motivating to read). I write with and for my students during the Morning Message and model writing during mini-lessons for Writing Workshop. When you are writing the same sentence 21 times and asking for individual student responses, the students get wiggly really fast. So, I prewrite the prompts before the students arrive and add a few student responses each day until every child has a sentence. Another way for you to do this is to write the prompts with the students as they watch you write.

I added student photos to the student names so it was easier to read.
I asked each student to tell me his/her name, I spelled it as I wrote it, then I read the complete sentence and the students echoed me. I did 1/4 the class on Monday, 1/4 on Tuesday, 1/4 on Wednesday and 1/4 on Thursday.

Instead of cutting the original chart and giving each student their sentence to cut apart,  I made  smaller versions for them to cut and assemble. We did this activity on Friday.
If you are interested in trying this with your students, I have an editable version (with and without the popcorn around the words) here.

You can cut the sections for the students or give them the strip to cut apart. 
They will put the sentence in order, glue the words to the paper and then illustrate.
You can create a class book with these pages or display them with the chart.

Our chart this week is "I like my _____." 
I wrote the prompts and the student names to the side. 
During class I will complete the sentence with the students' responses.

The editable student strips for this chart can be found here.

I will be adding the editable student strips for the Predictable Charts each week to my TpT store.

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