Saturday, March 15, 2014

Lesson Plans March 17-21

I am excited to celebrate St. Patrick's Day on Monday!
They will color a super cute (free) sheet for morning work from Mel and the link is here.
The sticker scene shamrock is from Oriental Trading. We have done all of these for each holiday or season. They love them!
The Lucky Charms graphing page is a free download from Teacher Laura and can be found here.
The Leprechaun will probably visit our classroom during specials and leave a gold (chocolate) coin!

Our reading stories this week are Tiger Grows Up and Leo the Late Bloomer.
The unit is here or here.
 The students will draw/write about the book and we will research tigers using the internet (Pebblego and National Geographic).  We will write ideas in a tree map and the next day we will take the ideas to write 3 facts about tigers.

On Thursday and Friday we will read Leo the Late Bloomer. They will complete a story map and then on Friday, they will recall events and cite evidence from the text by drawing/writing by writing about what Leo could do at the end of the story.

Literacy Center must-do assignments

Phonics lessons will be about the short u sound (-un and -ug word families)

The Mathematics lessons will feature the book Five Little Speckled Frogs and involve acting out word problems, using a story mat to solve addition and subtraction problems, and completing a math task. This mini-unit can be found here.
We will end the week playing the Double Compare game from Investigations.

Mom had a cute lesson she did during the week her class studied the book Duck and Goose.
She used the Venn diagram to compare and contrast some books about ducks.

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