Saturday, March 29, 2014

Alphabet Letter Chant - Free

I use this powerpoint as a brain break or a quick review at the beginning of my phonics lesson.
The slides are automatically programmed to switch and I used animation to cue responses. Just choose "start slide show" and the work is done for you. The students will say the name of the letter, a picture than begins with that letter, and then the sound for the letter. I am working on similar powerpoints for blends & digraphs, short vowel word families, and sight words. I will post them here as freebies!
If you want the powerpoint programmed for the letters to show up out of order, you will need to "save as" and rename the chant, then move the slides up and down to show random letters. This is not a pdf file and you can edit the font. I used ABC Print but it defaulted to a different font with the funny a.
You can purchase the ABC Print font here.
This Alphabet Chant powerpoint was inspired by Greg's
 lesson featured here. 


  1. Love this PowerPoint- thanks! I teach First grade and saved it for the beginning of next year.


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