Thursday, January 30, 2014

Lesson Plans Part 2 Feb. 3-7

In mathematics, we will be studying spheres and cubes. I was not able to find books about real objects that are 3-D shapes so I made powerpoints and will use them for group discussions. The students will get a chance to create the shape using playdoh or playdoh and toothpicks, then the next day they will use the papers shown to draw pictures of real objects that are that shape.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Lesson Plans Part 1 Feb. 3-7

I will post my math lesson plans and photos tomorrow. We will be learning about 3-D shapes and I still need to get some materials ready for next week.
Next week we will be reading books about nature and butterflies. Our Journeys books include Is It the Wind and From Caterpillar to Butterfly. We will also read The Very Hungry Caterpillar and one of my favorite books - Farfallina and Marcel.
These are the materials I will use for whole group reading.
The Nature unit can be found here.

One of the charts we will complete during whole group reading.

We will use these cards to retell the story.

Center Work

We will be studying the short e sound (-ed and -est word families).

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Lesson Plans Jan 27-31

The Journeys books we will be reading this week are Dear Mr. Blueberry and What Is Science? and the link for the unit is here.

Whole Group Reading

Center Work

We will be studying the -et and -en word families.

We will celebrate the 100th Day of School this week with a fun-filled day!
The link for my (free) 100th Day packet is here.

In Mathematics, we will be learning about the rectangle and hexagon, play Shapes Hokey Pokey, and use different combinations of shapes to make a hexagon.
My lesson plans for the entire shapes unit is here.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Mathematics Centers - Shapes

We will be studying 2-D and 3-D shapes in math for the next few weeks so I decided to switch out the math centers and add some shapes centers.

The students are exploring the blocks this week and then I will add the Geoblocks matching cards (Investigations) and then the architecture cards (I found them online-free).

 Pattern Blocks
The students are exploring with them this week, then they will use the spinner and pattern cards from to play a game, finally they will use the Investigations cards to make designs.

The students are exploring with them this week and then they will use cards to create the different pictures. I found the cards from TpT here. 
I also plan to make some of my own or have the students record their own shapes on the paper.

 Counting Jars
The students use the double ten frames to count the items in each box and then record how many on the recording sheet.  I colored the recording sheet and placed it in a plastic sleeve. They use a dry erase marker to write the answer.

They really like these so I put them in 2 center tubs.

 Linking Cubes Shape Match
The students use the linking cubes to match the ones I made in green. (Investigations)

 Roll and Cover Numbers
I plan to make a Roll and Cover Shapes this weekend to replace the numbers version.
I will post a link here as a free download.

 Shape sort
The students work together to sort all the shape links.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Lesson Plans Jan. 21-24

Next week we will be reading books that have a day and night theme. The unit can be found here.
We will sort day and night activities.

We will discuss nocturnal animals.

Charts to complete during whole group instruction.

I am adding some worksheets back into some of the centers.

We will be learning about the -am and -ag word families.

 In math, we will continue to study shapes.

If you will be celebrating the 100th Day of School soon, I have a free packet here.
Mom and I ordered a shirt to wear on our 100th day. It is from Kindergarten Works and the link is here.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Jan. 13-17

Happy 2014! This week we will be reading books about animal homes, learning about the -at and -an word families and learning about circles and squares. Here are some photos and links:
The materials for animal homes are here.

The armadillos unit can be found here.

The short a cards are from Carl's Corner (free).

The free daily lesson plans for the entire unit are here.

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