Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Thanksgiving Projects

The students really enjoy getting ready for the Thanksgiving Celebration! For many of our celebrations, the students have dressed up in costumes, they sang songs and had a traditional "feast" with turkey or ham sandwich meat roll ups, carrot sticks, popcorn, grapes, a roll and dessert. This year, we will continue the dress up in costumes and sing songs, but will be making a turkey cookie instead of the "feast".  I am sure it will be just as much fun!
Here is what we have been working in this week.

"Stuffed" Turkey centerpiece for the tables:

  This year instead of tracing the feathers on the construction paper and cutting them out, we just stapled the feathers in a fan shape and the students fringed the feathers.


They used the paint to make a pattern. This was much easier than using pattern block cutouts or circle stickers.

We have discovered that it is easier to leave the pasta plain (not to dye it) and add the colorful beads instead.

Used the plastic string and a clothespin on the end so the pasta and beads do not fall off.

And finally, a piece of tape is used to measure the length of the string.

Our costumes are men's t-shirts, the long ones are used for the girls' dresses and the short ones for the boys' vests.


  1. Costumes....Do you store those & use each year? Or make new each year? I used to do this each year & it took tons of time....but I miss them. Just wondering if it could work to wear & store....thanks

    1. Yes, we wash and store them every year. This is the fourth year we have used them. We do the same thing with our field trip shirts.


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