Sunday, November 17, 2013

New Math Tubs

For the past few months, we have been using the Kathy Richardson math centers from her first book, Developing Number Concepts. There is a very small chapter in the book about comparing numbers and that is what my students have been studying the past few weeks during the whole group math lessons. I decided to switch my centers out and make 8 tubs so the students could do some group work/games (counting and comparing numbers).
Here are the new tubs:
Comparing two line puzzles (Kathy Richardson)

Roll-a-Tower Race Numbers 4-9 (Kathy Richardson)

Counting Jars (Investigations)

Comparing two shape puzzles (Kathy Richardson)

Comparing Sets-Story Boards (Kathy Richardson)

Racing Bears (Investigations)

Comparing Sets-Story Boards (Kathy Richardson)
I might change this to a Thanksgiving Roll and Color Game.

Domino Parking Lot-I found this here.

I had a request for the writing paper I use at my writing center.
If you would like copies they are here.  (free)

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