Saturday, November 30, 2013

Lesson Plans Dec. 2-6

This week we will be reading books about weather. These activities are included in my weather unit  here and my hibernation unit here.

In math we will begin our measurement unit. I will show them a powerpoint that includes photos of measurement tools and we will complete the charts about who measures, why do we measure and what do we measure. The students will use cube sticks (10 cubes) to measure items in the classroom to find things that are longer and shorter. The will also cut paper strips, compare them and classify them as longer or shorter. That  free activity is from Kinder-Craze (Maria) and can be found here.
My free measurement unit can be found here.

A few weeks ago I changed some of my centers.
This is now the Turtle center and the students choose games to play from the bookcase.
The fishing game is very old and I learned a long time ago to only use one fishing pole!

When I switched over to math tubs I dreaded taking these drawers home, so I decided to make them my "book boxes" instead of organizing their books into individual ice buckets. Each student has a drawer to store the books they have read during small group!

I made word banks for the students that visit the writing center. I switch them out every week and add word banks for our phonics skills of the week and include a seasonal one, too.

I have been making several of these picture word banks and just completed a packet for alphabet letters. You can find it here.

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