Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Morning Work Tubs

For the first 7 weeks of school, I copy worksheets for morning work, then use a "Wake-Up Work" book for the students to copy words and sentences that I display on the document camera. I have used morning work tubs in both first grade and kindergarten, but I usually return to the paper morning work. I was watching a video about a teacher who used morning work tubs for what she called a "transition time activity" which allowed the students to transition from home to school. Her rationale made sense to me, so I organized mine on Friday and we used them yesterday. Kathleen at Growing Kinders was feeling the same way and wrote about her morning work baskets on her blog.
Here are some of mine:


  1. This is so much more valid for young children and I worry about the lack of interaction with manipulatives. I really love that you are allowing them time to build on their understandings and even better might be to have them work with a partner if the noise level is tolerable. This is so right!

  2. Where did you find the pictures like the dog for them to create?


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