Monday, October 14, 2013

Literacy Center Part III - Writing Center

The sea turtle center has writing activities for the students. 
Here is the visual:

Here is a picture of the must-do work.
Some students will fill in the blank with the color words and then color the picture to match. Other students will make sentences by placing the cards in order and then writing the sentence. These are both included in all the units for Reading Street and Journeys.

After completing the must-do, the students chose a writing project.
This is how I organize the writing materials. It is located on the bottom shelf of a bookcase.

The pocket chart is moved to this center and I place sentence frames and picture word cards for the students to take out and use.

They choose which writing project they would like to do. 
Some students will draw 4 pictures and write the words.
There is a page with 3 boxes and lines to draw the picture and write a sentence.
The favorite project is bookmaking. They get 2 pieces of construction paper and 4 writing pages and staple it together (3 staples on the side-top, middle and bottom). Then they have to write a sentence and create a detailed illustration on each page.
I also include blank paper for them to make webs, small folded books or flip books.

Soon I will be adding the word banks or the picture cards that I have for sale at TpT.
I  am able to take special orders for word banks, just let me know what theme or topic you need. I have several different themes and am working on seasonal/holiday word banks now.

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