Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Lesson Plans - Oct. 7-11

This week the books from the Journeys reading series are about the Five Senses. We will be reading the stories and the students will complete a few thinking maps and the Five Senses book (listed below as a freebie). You can find the reading sheets and literacy centers here or here.
Some other books to read this week.

A sorting activity 

Some of the centers will be differentiated this week.

Phonics materials

 Writing Workshop
The unit is here and the books can be found here.
 My students are completing the color web independently now. They are also attempting the rough draft. Some students are able to stretch the word and write the letters for the sounds, some are writing the beginning letter and for some I write the word for them (during conferencing). They choose one picture from their rough draft to use for the final copy. I am so proud of them - they have come a long way in a short time. (I <3 to teach writing!)

The students will play the Racing Bears game on Monday and then we will play the "Fill a Frame" game for two days. The directions for this game can be found here.
We will play this game a little differently. The students will work together in pairs to fill the double ten frames and then they will roll the dice and take them all back off.

The other two days we will play the Grab, Count and Record game. It is also a partner game.
The sheet for this game can be found from Kristen Poindexter's blog.

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