Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Lesson Plans-Oct. 28-Nov. 1

We will be reading the books Jonathan and His Mommy and Move! Here are the writing activities the students will complete after we read and discuss the books. The unit that has the writing and center activities can be found here or here. I have also bundled all the writing activities and they are here.

Literacy centers

Sorting Activity

Phonics Materials

In Math we are now learning to sort objects and compare sets and numbers.
 For this lesson, the students discuss how the two items are alike.

These names can be used for many sorting lessons-number of letters, girl/boy, color of paper, and by the letters in the names.

Great book to read about sorting. The sorting cards are included with the book.

Another great book to read and use picture cards to determine the "odd one out" and how the other cards are similar.

Sorting by color-students will work with a partner to sort a cup of 2 different colors of cubes and record their work.

Sort by shape-students will work with a partner to sort 2 different shapes and record their work.

Sort by size-students will work with a partner to sort different sizes of shapes and record their work.

Tomorrow is the 50th Day of School! I need to iron my poodle skirt! 
Celebrating with coke floats and Elvis songs!


  1. I love your sorting and math talk pages. Are they part of a packet on TPT? Where can I find these?
    We're working on sorting too and they look super helpful.

    1. I will be putting them in a packet to sale. I am trying them out with my class first so I can make adjustments.


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