Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Lesson Plans Oct. 21-25

Oh yes, you read the dates correctly because in 2 more days our Fall Break begins, so these plans are for when we return! We will be reading these books and completing these activities for the Journeys reading series unit 2.7. You can find the units here or here.
 Story Map-recalling key events

Writing about the animals in the story

I ordered this book and we will have a Show-and-Tell on Friday.

Literacy Centers (included in the units)

Writing Workshop

Phonics materials

We will use this chart to help learn about sorting math tools. The books will be used for math tasks. The lessons will come from here (freebie).

I have many upcoming posts planned for next week which include Number Talks, Alphabet Arcs, Accountable Talk (Math) and the Writing Center.

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