Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Lesson Plans Nov. 4-8

This week we will be reading books about Machines. The writing activities and literacy centers can be found here or here.
I am going to use post-it notes to write the student responses so I do not have to clean the chart after using the vis-a-vis markers.

The students will color and cut out the response cards as part of morning work before they can use the morning work tubs.

Literacy centers

Some phonics materials

They will be writing all three sentences from the rough draft this week.

Sorting attribute blocks by kind/type

Sorting attribute blocks to play "Guess my Rule"

Sorting buttons 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Morning Work Tubs

For the first 7 weeks of school, I copy worksheets for morning work, then use a "Wake-Up Work" book for the students to copy words and sentences that I display on the document camera. I have used morning work tubs in both first grade and kindergarten, but I usually return to the paper morning work. I was watching a video about a teacher who used morning work tubs for what she called a "transition time activity" which allowed the students to transition from home to school. Her rationale made sense to me, so I organized mine on Friday and we used them yesterday. Kathleen at Growing Kinders was feeling the same way and wrote about her morning work baskets on her blog.
Here are some of mine:

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Sensory Boxes for Phonics

I think my students are going to enjoy these! I thought of the idea this morning and knew it would make a fun project. The boxes contain different fillers and I hide game pieces (and two surprise seasonal tokens/toys) inside the box. The students will find them and match them to a mat.

I made 5 different games for the boxes and plan to use them as a word work/abc activity during literacy centers. I included directions for making them and a recording sheet for accountability. 
I am selling these and you can find them here.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Lesson Plans-Oct. 28-Nov. 1

We will be reading the books Jonathan and His Mommy and Move! Here are the writing activities the students will complete after we read and discuss the books. The unit that has the writing and center activities can be found here or here. I have also bundled all the writing activities and they are here.

Literacy centers

Sorting Activity

Phonics Materials

In Math we are now learning to sort objects and compare sets and numbers.
 For this lesson, the students discuss how the two items are alike.

These names can be used for many sorting lessons-number of letters, girl/boy, color of paper, and by the letters in the names.

Great book to read about sorting. The sorting cards are included with the book.

Another great book to read and use picture cards to determine the "odd one out" and how the other cards are similar.

Sorting by color-students will work with a partner to sort a cup of 2 different colors of cubes and record their work.

Sort by shape-students will work with a partner to sort 2 different shapes and record their work.

Sort by size-students will work with a partner to sort different sizes of shapes and record their work.

Tomorrow is the 50th Day of School! I need to iron my poodle skirt! 
Celebrating with coke floats and Elvis songs!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Alphabet Game-Freebie!

I use this game during small groups as a warm-up. The students match the picture cards with the letter for the beginning sound. Then I ask them to point to the picture that begins with /m/...../s/...etc.

A big thank you to the people who donated to my Donor's Choose project. It was funded a few weeks ago and we have used everything already!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Alphabet Arc Activities

I am sightly obsessed with Alphabet Arcs. Mom has sets that she uses with her small groups and I have wanted my own for a few years. I ordered seven of the laminated uppercase and lowercase mats and the plastic letters from and have used them a few times with my students during small groups. They have raced to place the letters in order on the mats, found letters as I say them and found letters for the sounds I say. But I just knew that these arc mats could be used for so much more. 

A few weeks ago I woke up at 1:00 A.M. and started to think about the alphabet arcs. After tossing and turning for thirty minutes, I decided to get up and sketch all the ideas so maybe I could get back to sleep. Here is what I came up with:
You can find the kit here. I made the picture cards in both color and outline for easy printing!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Literacy Center Part III - Writing Center

The sea turtle center has writing activities for the students. 
Here is the visual:

Here is a picture of the must-do work.
Some students will fill in the blank with the color words and then color the picture to match. Other students will make sentences by placing the cards in order and then writing the sentence. These are both included in all the units for Reading Street and Journeys.

After completing the must-do, the students chose a writing project.
This is how I organize the writing materials. It is located on the bottom shelf of a bookcase.

The pocket chart is moved to this center and I place sentence frames and picture word cards for the students to take out and use.

They choose which writing project they would like to do. 
Some students will draw 4 pictures and write the words.
There is a page with 3 boxes and lines to draw the picture and write a sentence.
The favorite project is bookmaking. They get 2 pieces of construction paper and 4 writing pages and staple it together (3 staples on the side-top, middle and bottom). Then they have to write a sentence and create a detailed illustration on each page.
I also include blank paper for them to make webs, small folded books or flip books.

Soon I will be adding the word banks or the picture cards that I have for sale at TpT.
I  am able to take special orders for word banks, just let me know what theme or topic you need. I have several different themes and am working on seasonal/holiday word banks now.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Let's talk about Number Talks

Last year our principal taught us about Number Talks. We had several lessons throughout the year and she would model number talks or use a video to show us how "to do" number talks with our students. I dedicate the first 5-10 minutes of the Mathematics block for Number Talks. During Number Talks, the students are gathered on the carpet and I show cards with ten frames or dots with different configurations. I ask questions such as "How many?" and "How do you know?" or "How do you see it?". When they have an answer they put their thumb up and place it in front of their chest. I will ask several students to share their answer before we count the dots. I ask advancing questions such as "How many would there be if I added one more dot?" or "If I took away one dot?". Our favorite lately is "How many more to make 10?".  You can use your fingers to cover up a few dots on the card and then ask the questions again. We discuss 3-5 cards everyday.
Another great way to get everyone involved is to ask the students to show how many are on the card by holding up that many fingers.  Then ask them to show that many another way using their fingers. (students might show 4 fingers using one hand, then 2 fingers in one hand and 2 fingers on the other).  Students can come to the front of the group to show the different combinations.

The easiest way to store these materials is a basket so it is mobile.
I like a variety of materials!

Here is what is included:
These picture cards are great to use at the beginning of the school year to introduce number talks. I did have to enlarge them using the document camera.

I made the dot plates using paper plates and dot stickers. The dot cards came from the Number Sense Guy. His store is at Teachers Pay Teachers. The link is here.

I used the traditional ten frames when we started Number Talks at the beginning of the school year. Now I am using the smaller ten frames because they show the dots in different combinations. The ten frames with the yellow background were purchased from the Number Sense Guy. The ten frames with paddles have magnetic circles for dots. On one side is a single ten frame and the other has a double ten frame. These are great to quickly illustrate the same number in multiple ways (you would show 7 counters and ask them how they see it, then move the counters into different spaces and ask them how they see 7 now). These were purchased from Amazon.

I keep Math Practice charts and cards with questions in the basket also.
The large Math Practices Posters are from Math Coach's Corner TpT Store (link).
The smaller prompting cards are from Number Sense Guy (link).
The yellow card was given to me at school.

I look forward to Number Talks everyday. I view that time to be similar to our Morning Message that begins the Literacy Block in the morning. It is so interesting to hear my students discuss numbers and it helps me to assess where they are with number sense every day.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Lesson Plans Oct. 21-25

Oh yes, you read the dates correctly because in 2 more days our Fall Break begins, so these plans are for when we return! We will be reading these books and completing these activities for the Journeys reading series unit 2.7. You can find the units here or here.
 Story Map-recalling key events

Writing about the animals in the story

I ordered this book and we will have a Show-and-Tell on Friday.

Literacy Centers (included in the units)

Writing Workshop

Phonics materials

We will use this chart to help learn about sorting math tools. The books will be used for math tasks. The lessons will come from here (freebie).

I have many upcoming posts planned for next week which include Number Talks, Alphabet Arcs, Accountable Talk (Math) and the Writing Center.

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