Sunday, September 15, 2013

Printing Tip

The other day I needed to borrow a math game from my mom and as she handed it to me I noticed that she had printed 2 different things on each side of the piece of card stock - one side was the domino parking game board and the other side was a ten frame. What a brilliant idea! 

Purchasing laminating pouches has been a struggle ever since they have not been in stock at my local Sam's Club and I had to order them online. Now I am very picky about what I laminate.

In the future whenever I need to print a game or learning material, either class or small group sets, I plan to print something different on each side. Here is a picture of something I printed and 
laminated this weekend. 

I think this works best with card stock or even construction paper for printing. Thicker paper will make it less likely for the backside printing to show through.

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