Saturday, September 28, 2013

Literacy Centers Part II - Listening Center and More

 Literacy Centers-Part I (Word Work) is here.
The Crab Center is a combination of different activities/centers focusing on letter sounds. The students listen to a story, complete a center game using a recording sheet, and write the room.
 Here is the visual:

I have been making and collecting listening centers for years. When I taught first grade I recorded a book and then several file folder games that we played together as they listened to my voice on the cassette tape. I try to use my listening center as another small group lesson. 

For the next several weeks, the students will listen to a story about individual alphabet letters and sounds. I have no idea where these stories and sheets came from-there are songs, a story and then some skills work. I converted them from cassettes to CDs. You could easily make your own by using a worksheet and making it interactive by talking to them as they complete it. I slip them in these pockets and they use a dry erase marker as they listen to the directions.

After the students listen to the story they complete the "game" using a recording sheet. They practice a phonics skill.

This center is easily differentiated because I include 5 (or more) different phonics skills in all my units. They are designed to practice in this progression: alphabet letter recognition practice, then games for those students who are ready move on to beginning letter sounds, ending sounds, then short vowels and finally long vowels. I do have some units that have a game for blends that can be used also. I usually have 2-3 different games at this center. They are each placed in a different pocket and I list the student names on a piece of paper that is slipped inside so the students know which game they are supposed to play. All of my units can be found at TpT.

The last activity at this center is Write the Room. It is a favorite! They use the clipboards and find the picture/word cards for the sound or vowel pattern we are studying that week. Then they write the word beside the number that matches the card. There are 8 cards clipped to the write the room background cards throughout the classroom. I have write the room cards for letters a-z and short vowels at my TpT store.

All of these activities are completed in 30 minutes and the students also attend a small group lesson with me for 15 minutes.


  1. Has your kindergarten team started small groups/reading groups? If not when do you expect to begin? Will you do them while your other students are doing literacy centers?

    1. I started this week. We begin them before Fall Break.The other students are at literacy centers.

  2. Are you able to complete everything included in each day's plan? This is the first year our kindergarten team has used Journeys. We are overwhelmed

    1. No, not the skills. I just have writing, thinking maps and other activities to help with comprehension of the books. There are also centers. Send me your email ( and I can send you a preview.


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