Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Lesson Plans Sept. 30 - Oct. 4

This week the theme for the books from the Journeys reading series is "Helping". We are going on a field trip to a farm this week, so these books are a perfect match to use with a farm theme! The Little Red Hen will be a great book to illustrate farming and The Handiest Things in the World will discuss how everyone can help. The week will be complete with many books about farm life and pumpkins! You can find the units here or here.

This opinion writing activity can be found here.
I have a Farm themed literacy unit with literacy centers here.
We will read books about pumpkins because the farm includes a pumpkin patch. 
As a class we will use shared writing to create a language experience/predictable chart about "What I want to see at the farm." and then "What I did see at the farm".

Hopefully these will arrive from Oriental Trading! The students will complete the sticker scenes and  I will display them with the charts.

 Must-Do Literacy Centers

Writing Workshop. This week I will be letting the students create their final copy independently. 

 Phonics Materials

We will be playing the Grow and Shrink (Kathy Richardson) game for 2 days and the Racing Bears game (Investigations) for 2 days.

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