Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Lesson Plans for Sept. 16-20

 This week we will be reading books about pets. You can find the units here
or here. I will read the books and the students will answer questions. We will create charts and graphic organizers and they will complete writing assignments.
The unit that has materials to use with Julius is here.
The Pet Show activity is a freebie and can be found here.

Some Literacy Centers

Here are the materials I will use for the phonics lessons:

During Writing Workshop, we will use the writing process to write about the color blue. You can find the unit here and the books here.

In Mathematics, we will focus on the numerals 11-15 and work with the double ten frame and the "Fifteen Frame" from Investigations. We will also play the "Grow and Shrink" game from Kathy Richardson's Developing Number Concepts book.

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