Sunday, August 25, 2013

This Week

We will continue learning about Nursery Rhymes. We read one rhyme a day and then color the page in our book and circle the rhyming words. The students will take their books home on Friday. You can find the Nursery Rhyme Unit here.

Some materials I am using for phonics this week:

In Mathematics, we are still counting and focusing on the numbers 0-5. We will be using these for our number talks:

Our whole group lessons will include a number book, using a 5 frame to make a number and then practicing writing the numeral. As we use the 5 frame, I will show dot cards and they will "match" it on their 5 frame using junk boxes, as the week progresses and we learn the numeral, I will move to showing number cards.
I am using the Stick Kid Cuties-Number Rhymes found here at From the Pond's TpT store (free) to learning the correct number formation.
I also found some great number worksheets here from Latoya Reed's TpT store (free). She also has another set for 11-20 and they are also free.

Here are some of our centers this week. 

The nursery rhyme centers are found in my Nursery Rhyme Unit.
Last week I taught them how to complete these centers and we did them together as a whole group.
I am only giving them the stamps they need to use. My goal is for them to practice putting them back in the correct space. 

Have a great week!


  1. What a smart way to use the stamps and for them to practice putting them back in the right spot! I love using stamps, but it drives me nuts when they are out of place!

    Lovin’ Kindergarten

  2. Hi Jennifer - I have most of your units - and love them!
    I really like your M-S sorting pics/activity. I looked in the picture alphabet sorting pack, but that was only letter/not letter.
    Where could I find this and more like it?

    1. I made these for the letter/sound sequence that my school system recommends. You can easily make them to match your letter sequence using the packet. You will just need to cut and paste the pictures into the blank frame I provide in the packet. (ex. cut all the a pictures and all the b pictures if you wanted to sort Aa and Bb, then glue them to a copy of the frame template and copy).

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