Thursday, August 29, 2013

Lesson Plans Sept. 3-6

I am trying to stay a week ahead and I am ready for next week!
We will be reading books about families and completing graphic organizers and writing about the books. You can find all the whole group writing sheets and literacy centers in my Families unit here or here.

Here are some of the materials I will use for Phonics.
I found the cute Alphafriends cards here. I like these cards because they have the letters at the top.
I saw my mom use these with her class so now I flip through the cards as we sing the Alphafriends song that is featured here.  Now we just sing it without the music.

A few of the Literacy Centers:

For Writing Workshop, I am continuing Lessons 6-9 from this unit by Deanna Jump and Deedee Wills. Next week, we will begin learning the writing process (ideas-draft-final copy) using my Writer's Workshop unit about color words.

In Mathematics, we are counting and focusing on the numerals 6-9. My students used the 5 frame as we worked on the numbers 0-5, so this week I will introduce counting games with the 10 frame.

The Math Centers this week are from the Developing Number Concepts book from Kathy Richardson.
For this activity, the students will pull a dot card from the cup and place that many counters on the work mats. There are many other "themes" in her book. Each student will have 8 cards to use, so they will need lots of room!

These are the shape puzzles, line puzzles and yarn strings. They will use counters to "measure" and them count how many they used. Next week we will continue learning how to use the math tools with these activities, then move on to placing a dot card beside the cards/strings/work mats, and eventually recording the answer on paper.

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