Thursday, August 1, 2013

Journeys Reading in Kindergarten

Yesterday I walked in to my classroom and look at what was waiting for me. I worked about an hour finding places for all these materials. So. Excited.

Here's a tip-take photos of all the pieces you receive. Open the kits and take a photo of the contents before you start removing items. Then at the end of the year when it is time to take an inventory OR someday when you have to pack all the materials up, you will know exactly where everything goes and what belongs with the kits.

I am excited about using Journeys this year and have made weekly units with materials and activities to use for whole group lessons and literacy centers.
Here are the links for the bundles:

I will be blogging weekly about the lessons and centers!


  1. Enjoy your great news stuff. I love your tip about taking a picture!

  2. We are just now unpacking our boxes, and should begin using the program on Monday!
    By the looks of it all, it is lots of information.
    Can you share a unit one lesson plan , because I don't want to leave anything important out !

    Have a great yr!

  3. How did you attach the baskets to the chairs! Great idea!


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