Saturday, July 13, 2013

Lesson Plans

I like to write daily lesson plans. They provide more room for details in case I have a substitute and allow for a larger font (for my old eyes). My lesson plans are checked every Monday by our principals. The teachers at my school are very lucky because we can choose our own style. I can have daily sheets instead of the boxed weekly spreads. 
I put my weekly plans in a binder. The schedule is listed on one side of the binder (when flat) and the plans are on the other side, like this:
 The I can statements are listed at the top and also posted in the classroom. The lesson will include the book titles, charts, and writing assignments. The assessment (teacher observation, writing, etc) is listed at the bottom for each lesson.
I rarely use Word for any documents, I like to use Powerpoint. I drew my boxes and then added a text box. I like text boxes because they will not change the size of the box as I type. I can go back and reduce the font size to make it fit and then my entire design is left unchanged.


  1. Hey I love the layout of your lesson plans! Are you not going to do Unit anymore?

  2. I love the layout too!!!! Great idea with the schedule beside it! =)


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