Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hot Glue, Tape and Magnets

It is so disappointing to spend hours and hours decorating your classroom only to return to school the next day and find most of it has fallen on the floor. Here are some things I have used that have been successful at avoiding that situation:

Stikki Clips-these are plastic clips with a blob of wax on the back. You would use one or two at the top and the same number at the bottom. This was all I used before we were able to use hot glue and it holds very well. You twist it to remove it from the wall.

Blue 3M painter's tape- the best tape I have ever used. It works very well on painted cinder blocks. I use this to put things up and space them correctly, then I go back and use hot glue, but it works well without having to reinforce with hot glue. You can find this at Home Depot (use the solid blue, not the kind with words written on it).

Sticky Tack- use plenty and press hard.

Hot Glue-I have found 2 kinds, hot and cool/cold. It will come off easier if you make lines of the glue and not blobs. Try a small area to test if it will remove your paint. You can use a paint scrapper or a staple remover to get the glue off. If you use your fingernails they will be very sore the next day.

Magnets-they are great for hanging things from the ceiling. If you have tiles with metal brackets then magnets are a way to hang things. I like the magnets pictured above. They are very strong and fit perfectly on the metal brackets. These magnets are purchased 4 in a pack. Before I discovered these magnets, I used the silver metal hooks on round magnets. I found them at Walmart in the hardware department.

Hooks are great to use when you need to display things that need to be removed often. I hang my dismissal information on a hook with a ring. Pictured here is our specials schedule flip book which changes daily. Removal is very simple and clean.

Use a binder clip to hang things you do not want to punch holes in. I use these with my charts. I have two clips and binder clips to hang them.

I have been working in my classroom this week and will have photos soon (if everything stays up)!

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  1. Thanks for the ideas! I had never thought of using magnets on the metal parts of the ceiling tiles - genius!


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