Sunday, July 14, 2013


Assigning homework to Kindergarteners is a balancing act.
I want to create assignments that are important, but do not cause too much stress for the parent and child or take up a lot of their family time.

 I try to accomplish these goals:
- practice skills that I have taught, but are best practiced with an adult
- help parents to understand the skills their child is learning during the school day
- establish a homework routine 
-take no longer than 5-15 minutes

I have assigned homework daily, weekly, and monthly. Last year I assigned it weekly along with a study guide and reusable sheets with a dry erase marker. This year, the students will receive a monthly calendar and reusable sheets with a dry erase marker.

The calendars look like this:

And the reusable pages look like this:

I send them home laminated and in plastic sleeves taped at the top.
The student will use a dry erase marker to complete the written assignments.
Parents initial the box when the activity was completed and then return the calendar at the end of the month.
The only thing I have to copy is the monthly calendar for each month.

I made calendars for each month and will post the rest of them in August (free).
For the September-May calendars I included the high frequency words for the week in the date section. If anyone is interested, I can include an editable version so you can customize the calendars.


  1. Love your homework idea. We did that for our summer math work! I will be the only K next year. Was first time in this school last year. All we did was reading book bags every day! Plan to try this. Will let you know. Would love editable version. Will share how it goes. Here's one-
    Count by twos- count all the door knobs in your house!

  2. Thank you very much for sharing the homework calendars. How will you address behavior?


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