Saturday, May 11, 2013

Chair Baskets

I received an email requesting more information about my chair baskets. I took some photographs to help explain how they are attached (the chairs are upside down on a table). I purchased the baskets at the Dollar Tree and I tried many ways to attach them including magnets, velcro and then eventually tying them with satin ribbon (less stretchy). The next year, mom suggested that my dad use a drill to make holes in the bottom and then attach them with plastic zip ties. These photos show how to attach them. Check the Classroom Photos above to see what they look like at the tables. The students keep their school supply boxes, dry erase boards and writing journals in them.
Here is a photo of my mom's baskets. She ordered her baskets from Really Good Stuff. They have slits so you would not need to drill holes in them.

We are in our last full week of school and we will be reading the book Animal Homes by Angela Wilkes. These are the writing activities we will do with this book.


  1. I am really curious what the chair baskets look from the "right-side-up" perspective. Any chance you could include pick?
    Also I might have missed the post where you mentioned them prior to this one, so sorry if this is a repeat question, but, what do you use them for?

    1. Just look up and click on the photos of my classroom. There are several photos and they are red in those photos. We keep school supplies, dry erase boards and writing journals in them.

  2. K - will do!!
    Thanks for the quick reply - have a very happy mothers day :)


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