Saturday, April 27, 2013


This week we are reading the book Building Beavers by Kathleen Martin James. We will be using this unit to study beavers and create tree maps and other graphic organizers about them. The literacy unit has everything you need to teach this book with all of your students during your read aloud or whole group time. There are also many literacy centers with recording sheets that provide for differentiation.
The Mathematics Centers packet contains 20+ centers with cute graphics of beavers. 

I will be working on a Space Literacy Unit for The Night Worker and a Jobs Literacy Unit for The House that Tony Built.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

This Week and Next Week

It is hard to believe that we have 5 full weeks of school left (and a couple of days). We also have more stories in our reading basal than weeks, so some weeks I am planning to do two books instead of one.
This week we read On the Move by Donna Latham and here are some of the activities we did:

We read many informational texts and wrote about Transportation.

This week we are reading This is the Way We Go to School and Homes Around the World.

I hope to begin working on a Space Unit for Night Worker (and finish the Beavers Math Centers)!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Mathematics Centers

About 17 years ago, I spent one week during the summer receiving Math Their Way training. At the time I was teaching first grade and I used the manipulatives and some of the activities, but not as much as I am now with my kindergarteners. We are lucky to have the Investigations Math Kit to use as a resource and that is what I use to plan my whole group lessons, but for my math centers I have updated the recording sheets.
I started using these centers last week:
Linking Cubes Center

Beans Center (they are plastic)

2-Sided Counters Center

Pattern Blocks Center

Counting Jars Center (color code the lids and place counters in them)

Dice Center

 I have a few more I plan to switch out sometime in the next few weeks. The students have enjoyed playing these "games" and recording the "combinations." They are becoming more fluent everyday!

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