Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Writing Freebie

My students (and I) love writing! We write everyday in response to reading where a topic is assigned, we use our math journals to record and label problems and topics of study, and we spend 30 minutes everyday just writing (after a mini-lesson) during writing workshop. My students use the writing process (ideas, rough draft, conferencing, final copy, publishing) to write about topics of their choice in journals. The journals have been 20 blank pages of copy paper stapled together with a cute cover from Kindergarten Rocks!. The students draw one one side and write on the other, then we conference, I edit their writing and they rewrite it on "fancy paper." Most students are now writing 2-4 sentences on one topic. 
My problem was the journal paper. They were writing more sentences and I really needed the sentences to be on lined paper because it was hard to edit. My mom and I were discussing this last week and we came up with a solution- create a special editing paper to put in the journal instead of blank paper. If you would like to try this paper you can get your FREE copy here.
This is what it looks like in a journal. It has 4 dark lines for the students to write on and then a dotted box underneath for editing.
I ran out of "fancy paper" last week, so I made plain paper books for the students to write in. They loved bookmaking and I plan to do more of it. They wanted their books to be placed in the reading center and these books are the go-to books that every student likes to read. I prefer the one page fancy paper and so I have a binder with plastic sheets to place these writings. The binder will be kept in the reading center. If you need fancy paper and planning sheets for opinion, narrative, and informative writing, I have made a "Fancy Papers for Student Writing" packet. Here are some of the pages included:

Here are some activities we are doing this week in reading:
We are moving on to 3-D shapes tomorrow!

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  1. I would LOOOOVE to see some writing samples for your portfolios!!!
    =) I'm curious how you will use your fancy papers you have posted!


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