Thursday, January 10, 2013


We started our Geometry Unit this week and I have already learned a lot from my students about teaching shapes. After discussing circles and creating circles with play-doh, I thought that my next  lesson about circles would be just so fabulous. All they had to do was name some objects that are shaped like a CIRCLE as I listed them on my circle shaped chart and then draw 3 of them in their journals (and of course I was hoping for lots of labeling). Their responses were "snowman, snowball, eyeball." Oh, no, they were confusing a circle with a sphere. This makes sense though because if they were to draw pictures of a snowman they would draw circles. My plans were to discuss all of the 2-D shapes and then all of the 3-D shapes and learned very quickly that I really need to go ahead and introduce spheres with circles. Luckily my lesson was saved because I had pre-made picture cards just in case they ran out of ideas. Today I showed them a circle (attribute shape) and a sphere (wooden model) and we discussed how they were different. Then they made something using a circle cut-out (many wheels, pizzas and cookies). Yep, they got it! Whew!
Here are some of the charts I am using. The pieces for these charts can be found here.
Here are mom's charts. She got these pieces from a Shapes Unit by Kim Adsit. They are really cute.
Moving on to Squares (and cubes)!

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