Monday, January 28, 2013

Bunny Day

Our "spotlight story" this week is Bunny Day.  Here are some of the other books we are reading:
This was a whole group activity. After I read Bunny Day and we played "I Spy" with all the clocks in the story, we made a bubble map and listed the events from the story. Then the students created their own bubble map. I always hope that my students will draw pictures and label/write, but I noticed today that several students just wanted to write and did not include pictures.  
I am seeing the absence of drawings in their rough drafts during Writer's Workshop, too. They are always so eager to conference with me, they forget to draw. I encourage them to draw first, then write, but some students are wanting to skip that step.

Here are some of the Literacy and Mathematics Centers. Mom discovered the ease of organizing center worksheets in these dry erase pockets.  I really like this idea better that my file folder "paper pockets".

I have rearranged my classroom. It was looking a little cluttered. The computers were underneath the long board that is why it is raised up so high. I put two tables coming out from the wall under the board and then placed the bookcases at the end. They hold all the center "stuff" for those centers.

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