Monday, January 28, 2013

Bunny Day

Our "spotlight story" this week is Bunny Day.  Here are some of the other books we are reading:
This was a whole group activity. After I read Bunny Day and we played "I Spy" with all the clocks in the story, we made a bubble map and listed the events from the story. Then the students created their own bubble map. I always hope that my students will draw pictures and label/write, but I noticed today that several students just wanted to write and did not include pictures.  
I am seeing the absence of drawings in their rough drafts during Writer's Workshop, too. They are always so eager to conference with me, they forget to draw. I encourage them to draw first, then write, but some students are wanting to skip that step.

Here are some of the Literacy and Mathematics Centers. Mom discovered the ease of organizing center worksheets in these dry erase pockets.  I really like this idea better that my file folder "paper pockets".

I have rearranged my classroom. It was looking a little cluttered. The computers were underneath the long board that is why it is raised up so high. I put two tables coming out from the wall under the board and then placed the bookcases at the end. They hold all the center "stuff" for those centers.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Families Unit

It took me all day (ice day-snow day) to write and create the materials for these units, but they are ready for you!  I plan to use the literacy unit when I read the book, Abuela by Arthur Dorros. There are many whole group reading ideas, writing prompts and templates, a shared reading book, and literacy centers. If you are interested in the literacy unit, click here.
The coordinating math centers are here. 

I found some family themed activities from other bloggers that I plan to use:

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Winter Displays

After listening to the book, The Jacket I Wear in the Snow, my students created the "Mitten Man" and wrote about what they would wear in the snow. You can get the writing template (this is not original and I can not remember where I found the idea) and the "SNOW" letters here (freebie). The Mitten Man Craftivity can be found here (I added boots and mittens so download it again if you have purchased it).

Here are Mom's displays- one has pictures that the students completed using pattern block cut-outs
 (they counted the shapes they used and recorded them) and the other is a Mitten Glyph.

Thursday, January 17, 2013


This Antarctica Literacy Unit has whole group lessons, graphic organizers and chart pieces, student writing pages and prompts, and many literacy centers. It would be perfect to use with the book, If You Could go to Antarctica by Fay Robinson. You could also use this unit when you study penguins, seals and/or whales. I have made the coordinating Antarctica Mathematics Centers. I really enjoy making these units for you and I feel so honored that you enjoy using them. Your e-mails and comments are very motivating - thank you! I have planned the rest of the units and I hope that you like the themes I have chosen for the stories! Up next, Families (Abuela)!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

100th Day of School Freebie!

Our 100th Day of School Celebration will be later this month and I am sharing the activities for our day in this freebie! 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

I decided to create this unit just about the book Goldilocks and the Three Bears instead of making a unit about Fairy Tales. I was able to think of more than enough activities to help you plan whole group lessons for the whole week about this one book. This unit includes graphic organizers, chart pieces, many writing prompts and ideas, and literacy centers - all aligned with the Common Core standards. I have coordinating mathematics centers, too.  

Working on Antarctica!

Thursday, January 10, 2013


We started our Geometry Unit this week and I have already learned a lot from my students about teaching shapes. After discussing circles and creating circles with play-doh, I thought that my next  lesson about circles would be just so fabulous. All they had to do was name some objects that are shaped like a CIRCLE as I listed them on my circle shaped chart and then draw 3 of them in their journals (and of course I was hoping for lots of labeling). Their responses were "snowman, snowball, eyeball." Oh, no, they were confusing a circle with a sphere. This makes sense though because if they were to draw pictures of a snowman they would draw circles. My plans were to discuss all of the 2-D shapes and then all of the 3-D shapes and learned very quickly that I really need to go ahead and introduce spheres with circles. Luckily my lesson was saved because I had pre-made picture cards just in case they ran out of ideas. Today I showed them a circle (attribute shape) and a sphere (wooden model) and we discussed how they were different. Then they made something using a circle cut-out (many wheels, pizzas and cookies). Yep, they got it! Whew!
Here are some of the charts I am using. The pieces for these charts can be found here.
Here are mom's charts. She got these pieces from a Shapes Unit by Kim Adsit. They are really cute.
Moving on to Squares (and cubes)!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Shapes Unit

The lesson plans for my unit about shapes are in the post below. I spent most of yesterday creating all the chart pieces and picture cards for this unit. If you are interested click here.
I will be posting photos of the charts this week!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Free Shapes Lesson Plans-Common Core

I have planned 33 days worth of whole group lessons for the Common Core Standards about 2-D and 3-D Shapes. I consider this a rough draft, but I needed a starting and ending point so I could plan for next week. I did not include book titles because all my books are at school. If you have any other ideas for shapes, please leave them in the comments section or e-mail me! Click here for the link.
Check back for photos of the charts and activities! I have also created a Shapes packet that has all the chart pieces and picture cards! I will post about it in a few days.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Mitten Man Craftivity and Winter Math Centers

Happy 2013!
I was going through my files and found some really old art projects craftivities.
Here is one that I am selling along with writing pages called the Mitten Man.

I also made some winter themed mathematics center packets. These are designed just like my other thematic math center packets. 

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