Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Number Lines and Alphabet Strips-Freebie!

Freebie Friday

Hi Friends! I have a little freebie for you! I made a packet of picture strips, number lines and alphabet strips. This is what they look like.
So what can you do with them?
This picture strip can be used to teach them how to "hop" up and down the number line (you say "start at the bee, hop forward/up 4 spaces, what animal did you land on?"). It can also be used for ordinal numbers.
I always put a "-" and "+" on my number lines. When I taught first grade and we gave a standardized test, we really taught the students how to use a number line! Now I just can not break the habit! You can use this for addition and subtraction strategies, or finding a number that you say or show with pictures/dots and asking the students to place a cube on that number.
I used this for Alphabetical Order and now I use it for students to find the letter or the letter for the sound that I say and put a cube on the letter. You can also use it for abc order of letters.

I have these ideas and some additional ones listed in the packet.

I got to work in my classroom today. Look what happened to my Ocean Canopy!
It went from this:
To this:
First I cut the netting shorter, then the ribbons were just too long and I kept getting in them so I looped them, and after I saw Mom's without the netting I decided that I needed to give my canopy a shorter do. It looks better than in this photo, it is over my reading center.
Here's Mom's canopy-she put it over the small group table.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Bulletin Board Done!

I decided to make my dry erase boards into a "reference" bulletin board. I wanted to combine all my skills mini-boards into one place. I divided a dry erase board into sections using border and then created mini-bulletin boards. I added my alphabet and numbers on FOAM Board (not mat board, sorry) to the top. I am selling everything you see except for the Calendar and Hundreds Charts (and border).

The Count to 100 items can be purchased here in the Titles Packet. You would need to buy a Chart for Numbers to 100.
You will need to buy a Calendar Chart. These pieces are editable.

I also sell the Alphabet in Brights and Primary and they are editable.
The Numbers are also offered in Brights and Primary and are editable.

I will be back tomorrow with an idea and a Freebie!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Monday Made-It

Here is my "new" book rack. It is an old rack that was used to display some kind of food in a store.

After painted black:

My Supplies:

All my center signs:

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bingo Games

Just got it finished! I use these for small groups and we play this game several ways- the traditional 4 in row (up, down, diagonal), 4 corners, and then they have to cover the entire card. Click if you are interested in this packet! There are 11 cards for lowercase letters, 11 cards for uppercase letters and 11 cards for letter sounds. This is great to leave for a substitute to use. Save paper and storage by copying the lowercase and uppercase letter cards front and back. Save laminating by placing them in sheet protectors!

Paper Pouches

I had trouble with "slouchy" papers (curled up) in my center baskets and mom said "just make a pouch." Now I make them for everything. You can use a file folder, poster board, or even foam board. Staple the sides and tape the edges. If you laminate them, they would be even sturdier. There are all kinds of folders and tape designs so that you can make them super cute!
Here are some ideas:
 Center papers
Completed work-put in center basket so they do not have to get up and turn paper in.
Small Group Materials-you could even make these for each subject with information about where to find materials, books, Teacher's Manuals, etc., to make it easy for a substitute.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Adding Space to a Table

Last year, I needed more space for my listening center. It was cluttered with a boom box, earphones and center baskets. So I used 2 thin drawer organizers and a cookie sheet to make a "side table". The cookie sheet is just flipped over and I used Velcro to secure it. I place center baskets on top of the organizers. This would work great for a writing center because it would provide more work space.

I am making progress....

Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Fishing Net for a Display

I used a fishing net for my Happy Birthday Display (Ocean Theme). All that is missing are my students' photos! This also acts as a name word wall. If you want to use a fishing net for a display, I spent 1 1/2  hours on this and I have some tips.

1. It takes time to make the net look just right. I used white "easy up clips" that have a clip and wax on them to put the net up and bunch pieces of it together. Then when the entire display was finished I hot glued the top. Use a clothespin to place the items where you want them before you use the paper clips
2. You can tie things to the fishing net or make a loop and hang with a paper clip (to resemble a fishing hook).

3. Attach the paper clip though one of the net holes, then slip the loop through one side of the paper clip.

I used a real fishing net from my dad's shed (he never used it, no smell). I was able to cut it in half and will use the other half for another display. Dollar Tree has them in brown and I think they will be easier to work with.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I Have, Who Has Freebie!

I went to a training session about strategies for Letter Naming and one of the activities was the game "I Have, Who Has" with alphabet letters. I have made a packet of cards for uppercase and lowercase letters, along with numerals, number words, tally marks and ten frames 0-20. Click here if you are interested. I have a slide show of the entire packet in the TpT page at the top.

I have made you a copy of the cards with pictures. I plan to use this to teach my students how to play to play the game.  I used green boxes for what they read first, and red boxes for what they read last. I carried this same format over into my alphabet and number game cards. Click here for a copy of the game.

Operation Classroom Makeover started today! Still have a lot more to do!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Student Supplies

I *heart* school supplies! Have you ever used "Tap and Glue caps?" I have a class set of these and  they are about 15 years old. You replace the original glue cap with them and the students just press down (lightly) to get an appropriate amount of glue. This year we are going to add some food coloring or a little paint so they can see the glue on white paper. I had to order these and I found them again here.
 Mom found these great school boxes for 50 cents. They are perfect size!

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