Saturday, November 17, 2012

Thanksgiving Feast

We had our Thanksgiving Feast on Friday and spent time preparing for it this week! Here are some photos:
We used small sentence strips and sticker dots to make our headbands.

We used beads and pasta to make the necklaces. We discovered that using the pasta without dyeing it and then adding the beads is just as pretty as using pasta that has been dyed.

This stuffed turkey project was one I found on the Martha Stewart website then I was a SAHM. We revised it this year and folded the bag down instead of bunching it and putting a rubber band around the top.

For the tables

The vests and dresses. We just use them every year.

Headbands and necklaces

Mom's Turkey Feather Family Projects. The turkey is almost 20 years old. She made it out of bulletin board paper.

Ready for the Feast! It was so fun. The students sang a few songs and then ate and visited with their families!

Here is a chart I use for the book, Little Quack. We read all the Little Quack stories and then list the story events.

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