Friday, November 23, 2012

Grouping Students - Partners or Cooperative Groups

In our classroom, we have lots of opportunities to share - talking and telling answers to our shoulder buddies during carpet time and when working at tables, and sharing their writing on the document camera during Writer's Workshop. These are just some of the ways we share. I needed the students to not only have opportunities to share and show their work, but also provide feedback to each other about the work. I thought this would be easier to do with just 2-3 students in a group and not the same student they sit beside. So I used music and they walked around the classroom and when the music stopped the students shared their work with the person closest to them. That has been working great until they discovered that they could just follow the person they want to share with around the room-so smart! So I created grouping sticks and necklaces to group my students (either randomly or strategically) into partners for sharing or in cooperative groups for working on projects. I just pass them out to the students and they match up using the pictures.

I am selling these and have more photos and directions in the packet. They are easy to make-click here if you are interested.

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